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A Letter from the President
December 29, 2013


"When Ed took the tiller, the smile on his face was like few I had ever seen"

-Capt. Jim Jackson(Ret.), Mass. Maritime Academy & Sail Cape Cod Volunteer 



Dear Friends,

'Ed' had sailed Lewis Bay as a teenager until disabilities took that opportunity and joy away. Sail Cape Cod provided Ed, now in his 50's, with his first chance to take the helm in more than 30 years!

When Jim Jackson saw 'Ed', tiller in hand, with a beaming smile, Jim tells us that it literally brought tears to his eyes. Not an uncommon reaction among volunteers, it seems!

Sail Cape Cod's mission - "Access to all ...; without limitation" - became a reality this past summer with the support and commitment of so many in the Cape Cod community, enabling 150 individuals to experience the joy and happiness that being on the beautiful waters of Nantucket Sound can bring.

Will you help Sail Cape Cod put even more smiles on more faces in 2014?

Our two goals this coming year are ambitious and with your support we will succeed!  In 2014, we plan to acquire and fully outfit an adaptive sailboat that will serve physically challenged individuals and we also plan to at least double the number of individuals who will learn to sail and experience the joy of salt winds in their faces.

The demand for affordable, community access to the water is daunting. Thousands of Cape Codders live within miles of the water, including some 25,000 individuals identified by the U.S. Census as having some form of physical or developmental disability, but ironically these folks have no practical boating access to our waters.

Yet, with great community partnerships, dedicated volunteers, wonderful news articles and the support of so many of you, our programs this summer were full.  And we expect that 2014 will be even better!   People want to be on the water and Sail Cape Cod intends to provide that opportunity.  Will you help us make this happen?

As you can imagine, launching and growing a community sailing program is not inexpensive. Staffing, scarce dockage, equipment acquisition, maintenance, training, certifications, insurance, and all else that goes into a successful startup can easily produce sleepless nights.

But the sheer joy experienced by the participants and the smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile for the small Sail Cape Cod staff and its volunteers.

Our plan for an expanded adaptive sailing program in 2014 includes acquiring a $35,000 fully and specially-fitted Independence 20 sailboat and a $5,000 dock-side Hoyer lift to assist the disabled with boarding and disembarkation. Trained professional staff, updating existing equipment and the myriad of other expenses will add another $30,000 to our 2014 budget.

With your help, our goal is to be fully funded by March 1, 2014, allowing for timely hiring of trained, professional staff and acquisition of adaptive equipment.

We know that you value transparency about where your support is going. That's why you'll find more detailed corporate information, news articles, endorsements, photos, and stories on Sail Cape Cod's website, And lots of smiles, too!

Please consider supporting Sail Cape Cod with your holiday gift by check or online through our website. Your donation to Sail Cape Cod, a 501 (c)(3) Massachusetts not-for-profit, is deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Thanks so much for your consideration.  Happy Holidays!


Fair Winds,

Charlie McLaughlin



P.S.  Thank you for your support of Sail Cape Cod so that hundreds of people with disabilities can enjoy the water this coming summer!

If you would consider a gift of appreciated securities, please contact us by phone and we will work with your broker and ours to effectuate a transfer. And we would certainly welcome gifts in kind after speaking with you.

P.O. Box 1954, Hyannis, MA 02601