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From the Program Director-2014 Program Update
June 8, 2014

From the Program Director


Ahoy Sailors!


 I hope that you all have survived the chilly Winter/Spring that we have had. I know that I am counting down the days until I get back on the water. We have been working hard on our programming for the Summer of 2014 and have some exciting updates to share with you.


First of all, Sail Cape Cod's 'Learn to Sail' program dates are posted below as well as on our website and they are filling up fast!

'Learn-To-Sail' Program

This year we restructured our adult lessons to make them more in-depth and to add two additional lessons, for a total of six lessons over a two week period. We are also offering family lessons on Saturdays! This will give parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, cousins, etc a chance to be enjoying the water and learning how to sail! Check out our website ( for more information on this program.


Second, we are starting to schedule our Community Outreach Programs working collaboratively with other non-profit groups such as Cape Abilities, Community Connections, Life, INC and ARC of Cape Cod (all returning partners from 2013).

We are also working on expanding our collaborations to include participants from local youth-oriented disabilities and at-risk groups, including Cape Cod Collaborative's S.T.A.R. program, Cape Cod Challengers Club among others. We are still in need of volunteers for this rewarding and life-enhancing program. If you're interested in volunteering for a really great cause, please let us know. As a volunteer-based organization, we can use more help both on and off the water!

Community Outreach Program


Finally, we are incredibly excited to announce the addition of a new Adaptive Sailing Program for disabled sailing to Sail Cape Cod in 2014, which will be the first of its kind on Cape Cod! This has been a huge goal of Sail Cape Cod since Day 1 and we are now seeing it come to fruition in just our second year of operation. With the blessing from the Town of Barnstable and a grant from Rockland Trust, Sail Cape Cod is purchasing and installing a portable hoyer lift at the Gary Brown Ramp dock which will enable us to board passengers with physical disabilities onto adaptive boats. 


With that in mind, we have recently had a J-22 keelboat donated to our program that we are now in the process of repairing and retrofitting with specially adapted equipment for disabled sailing. The donation of this boat is a significant gift to Sail Cape Cod in order to launch its Adaptive Program...and with a very special story behind it.


The boat was owned by a dear friend of mine, Rob Tucker, who passed away in November of 2012. Rob was a former Commodore of the Hyannis Yacht Club and an excellent sailor who participated on race committees, did racing on his J-22 'Sneakers' with HYC's J-22 fleet and in the Figawi Race. But there was much more to Rob than even many of his friends knew. He was an avid supporter of the Special Olympics and encouraged Special Olympians of all abilities and backgrounds to participate to the best of their abilities.


By turning his sailboat 'Sneakers' into an adaptive sailboat and utilizing it in our outreach programs, we will remember Rob in two of his greatest elements: being out on the water, and helping people with disabilities accessRob and crew aboard 'Sneakers' things that they would not otherwise have had access to. As his Son said to me, "I can't think of better use for my father's boat than for you to use in your program." Rob was a truly wonderful man who is missed by many. I can't wait to have his memory sailing with us this summer. Many thanks to Rob's family (along with the Hyannis Yacht Club) for the donation of this boat. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new program!


There are still plenty of ways to get involved with Sail Cape Cod...please contact us for more information. Have a great summer, and I hope to see you out on the water!


Bryony Scudder

Program Director

Sail Cape Cod 


P.O. Box 1954, Hyannis, MA 02601