About Us

Sail Cape Cod

Sail Cape Cod is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that offers programs and opportunities similar to other established community sailing programs regionally and across the nation.

Sail Cape Cod offers affordable, accessible sailing, water sports and educational programs to the general public (both youth and adult), as well as underserved communities and those who face difficult physical, developmental or socio-economic circumstances. The organization uses sailing as a tool to encourage and motivate local youth to reach their full potential by enhancing positive growth, self-esteem and behavior. Scholarship opportunities enables broad access to Sail Cape Cod programs.

A Local Organization

The Cape is known for its bountiful, fresh and salt water resources, however, opportunities on the water are limited compared to the size of year-round and summer populations. Expansion of current sailing and other water sports activities will advance the economic, social and environmental goals set forth in the Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan and in town Local Comprehensive Plans.

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