The Cape Cod Knockabout Class

Sail Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Knockabout Class Association have teamed up to promote the sport of sailing, as well as the beauty & the sea worthiness of the Cape Cod Knockabout Class as both a racing and recreational boat!

In the 2017 season, Sail Cape Cod received an extraordinary donation of six newly built Cape Cod Knockabouts, and we now run many of our Youth, Adult, and Community Learn to Sail and Racing programs on these great boats.

Special Olympics

Sail Cape Cod is delighted to create a Special Olympic Massachusetts Sailing team! In partnership with Special Olympics we hope to create a more inclusive community and provide access to sailing to all! Our team will practice 3 days a week. We are excited to see their skills develop this year

US Sailing Center

We at Sail Cape Cod are continually looking to engage the Cape community in new and meaningful ways. Providing opportunities for every individual to get out and enjoy the waters of Cape Cod, regardless of their physical, cognitive, or economic ability. And ensuring that every individual is able to share in the idyllic Cape Cod activity of Sailing, whether they are living on Cape or visiting here from around the world.

Sail Cape Cod maintains its accreditations as a: “Community Sailing Center” – “Adaptive Sailing Center” – “Keel Boat Instructional Center” – and a “Frist Sail” sailing destination.

Fully US Sailing Certified