What to Wear:

All sailors must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket. We will provide one for you if you don’t have one. Sailors must wear closed toed shoes such as sneakers. Flip flops and bare feet are not allowed. We recommend sunscreen, weather appropriate clothes (such as non-cotton, layered undergarments, waterproof outerwear if raining), polarized sunglasses, hat, and water bottle. It may be helpful to have a towel in your car as sometimes you may get splashed on the boat.


Sail Cape Cod is open regardless of weather, unless parents are otherwise notified. Any notices about closure will be made by email. Sail Cape Cod sails in the rain. Light waterproof outerwear is recommended. Radar is frequently monitored and if thunder or lightening is expected sailors will immediately return to the mooring or the dock and be shuttled to shelter.

Photography and Videos:

By registering for participation at Sail Cape Cod or otherwise participating in SCC activities, parents, guardians, or individuals grant permission for films, video recordings, photographs and other media representations (collectively, “Photograph”) to be taken of their child, grandchild, or themselves, during SCC programs and events. SCC is then authorized to use any such Photograph in its publications, press coverage, promotional materials, website or other media outlet at any time.


Sail Cape Cod is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all sailors during their participation in sailing classes.

When exercising general supervision, our instructors are immediately accessible. They are alert for potentially hazardous conditions and will react accordingly. If an instructor has to divert attention from the overall supervision of a class, to make a rescue, administer first aid, or to effect a repair, another instructor will watch the class. Instructors practice proper emergency procedures throughout the course of the season. All are CPR and first aid trained.

Rules of Safety

  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) must be worn by all students/racers and instructors at all times when on the water for sailing lessons and races.
  • SCC is not responsible for items left on the property.
  • Students must strive to develop competency in safety drills, capsize drills, towing and rescue procedures.

Equipment Check/Maintenance:

All of our equipment is checked periodically; the safety of our boats is checked daily. If a piece of equipment is broken, we repair it immediately and keep a maintenance report. If you or child notices something wrong with a boat, please let the program coordinator or program director know.

Boat Information:

We sail Sail Cape Cod Knockabouts, J22’s and a Fareast 18.


If you are dropping your sailor off for a youth, special olympic, outreach, or adult sail,  please go the blue sheds in the parking lot behind the Cape Cod Maritime Museum at 135 South Street, Hyannis, MA 02601.  If you need to park for the duration of the sail, please park in the public lot on Main Street in Hyannis  and walk down.

If you are coming for an adaptive sail please go to the Gary Brown Ramp at 147 Lewis Bay Road, Hyannis, MA.

Can my child’s friend/cousin join them for a day? :

Due to space constraints, we cannot allow guests to attend without advance notice.  Please contact the Program Coordinator with any questions. You are welcome to bring visitors by to observe the beginning or end of class; however, an adult should accompany any minors. Bayview beach in Hyannis is great place to watch the youth class and Special Olympic sailors rig and derig their boats.

Do I need to let you know if I/my child will be absent from Sailing School? :

Yes, please. We leave the dock promptly at the start of each class. However we will come back to the dock for any sailors who do not arrive on time. If we know a child is not coming it allows our other sailors to get the most out of their classes.

What is your cancellation policy? :

You can read our full cancellation policy here.

Who should I contact with questions? :

Please contact the Program Coordinator at 888-647-7245 or